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Does your boiler make banging or knocking noises? Are there cold spots in the radiators? Is your house cold even when the heating is on? Does the boiler constantly break down for no reason?

Is your electricity bill higher than your neighbours’ even though you have similar electrical appliances?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, it may be due to a build-up of calcium or sludge in the heating system.

The build-up of sludge in your heating system allows air to get inside which can corrode the heat exchangers and radiators.
This corrosion leads to accumulation of rust and other debris in the radiators which then leads to blocked waterways in heat exchangers, pipework, and radiators.

These blockages affect the efficiency of heat transfer and may lead to valve, pipe and heating controls damage. In a worst case scenario, you may be forced to replace your boiler, much earlier than expected.

Thankfully, you can get rid of all the above mentioned problems with the help of a power flush.

What’s a Power Flush?

In simple terms, it may be defined as a wholesome cleansing process that gets rid of all the debris from the heating system. In this process, a power flush machine is used to push through powerful chemical cleaners to get rid of all the debris.

These chemicals include a powerful agent for removing the rust and sludge as well as a descaler for getting rid of limescale and a corrosion inhibitor to avoid future rusting.

The contaminated water is then collected and disposed of in a proper manner. Some other tools may also be used on the exterior of the radiator to get rid of any stubborn blockages.

This whole process can take up to 10 hours. In an average household with up to 10 radiators, it should be finished in a day. In some extreme cases, more than one day may be required.

When Do You Need Power Flush?

Here are some of the signs when your heating system needs a power flush:

Radiators Take Time to Warm up

If the radiators in your home take a lot more time than the usual to heat up, it may be due to a build-up of sludge in the radiators. Heating systems produce a dark sludge known as magnetite. It may be due to a variety of reasons such as inadequate cleansing, bad system design, ingress of air into the system and similar other things.

Homeowners think that their radiator has some problems and needs to be replaced but you can save the cost of replacing radiators by hiring expert power flush Cheshunt services. The power flushing will get rid of all the sludge build up in the radiators and give the radiators a new lease of life.

Radiators Heating Unevenly

If the radiators feel cold at the bottom but not so cold at the top, this usually indicates a build-up of sludge in the system. As explained earlier, heating systems produce this dark sludge that keeps collecting at the bottom of the radiator which restricts the flow of water.

The build-up of sludge at the bottom of the radiator results in uneven heating and this is the reason why radiators feel cold at the bottom as hot water is unable to reach the bottom part of the radiator.
A power flush service can help by getting rid of the sludge and make your heating system run at optimum efficiency.

Noisy Radiators

Nobody likes a noisy radiator, especially when you are sleeping. However, a noisy radiator disturbing your sleep is the least of your worries as it’s a sign that there is something wrong with your radiator.
In most cases, the knocking noise is due to air build up in the system. You should bleed the radiator by releasing the air from the system to resolve the problem.

However, trapped air inside the system can lead to a build up of sludge inside and if you do not get rid of the sludge, you may have to replace the whole system, sooner than later.

Also, you will be paying far higher energy bills and may also have to deal with other boiler issues if the sludge issue is left unresolved.

The best way to get rid of sludge in your heating system is to power flush it.

Other Benefits of a Power Flush

In addition to the above, there are several other benefits of power flushing.

First and foremost, it will enhance the life span of your central heating system and reduce the risk of breakdown.
It will eliminate any banging noises and increase the efficiency of your heating system which will lower your heating bills.
There won’t be any more cold spots on the radiators and you will experience fewer boiler warranty issues.

It will also reduce the heating up times. Since the radiators and pipes will be clean, the system will run at optimum efficiency and save you significant amounts of money.

So, give us a call today if you are experiencing any problems with your heating system. Our highly experienced engineers will first inspect your pipework and the radiators for any damage and take care of any problems.

After taking care of the issue, we will also perform a quality check to make sure the heating system is running at optimum efficiency.
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